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An About Face for Boatface

At Tweed we tend to name strains to express our values as a company and the history behind it. In that spirit, some of our strain names pay homage to the chocolate factory Tweed now calls home. Other strains focus on tweed, the fabric, and the people who’ve worn it iconically. Always, we endeavor for originality and meaning.

Bakerstreet, for example, is the fictional street that Sherlock Holmes lived on & he could pull off a tweed cape and deerstalker cap like no other. Our Copper Pot Blends, themselves an homage to our heritage by blending the cannabis in former (food-grade) Hershey pots, are named after our favourite fictional doctors to acknowledge that these consistent blended products appeal to the medical community.

For our newest product we’ve decided to take a different tack. This time it’s not about us, where we come from, or what we’re passionate about. This is about Justice. More importantly: Silly Internet Justice.

We’ve watched and even voted in solidarity with the Internet, whose noble efforts to name a British research vessel have fallen on deaf ears.

So, as a sign of solidarity, we’re giving democracy a second chance!

Vote below to name our new harvest of CBD Medihaze Boaty McBoatface or… Hinterland.

A Case For Each:

Boaty McBoatface is the greatest moniker ever conceived by man. It’s a heck of a name. Since a bureaucratic stiff upper lip has orphaned it, we’re reaching out from the colonies to give it a port in the storm.

No idea what we’re talking about? click here: Or here:

Hinterland is, well, also a name… Not to be outdone, Hinterland inspires thoughts of the great outdoors and for Canadians of a certain age, educational shorts that taught us about the critters we share this big planet with.

On a momentarily more serious note, with 4% THC and 12% CBD, this strain is right for people looking for a CBD-rich option with lighter psychoactive effects. It’s available for $9 a gram or $7.20 for customers eligible for Tweed’s Compassionate Pricing Promise.

We’re told it isn’t overly effective for treating seasickness or scurvy, but let us know if it is because that would be awesome.

The strain is now up in the shop, and voting is open.

Here’s to Future Growth.

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