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Tweed Supports Patients' Rights to Grow at Home

In the spirit of 4/20, Tweed, Canada's largest legal cannabis producer, is pleased to confirm its support for patients' rights to grow their own medical cannabis supply in their residence. Many Canadians have been legally growing medical cannabis in their homes for over a decade.

Tweed has been shipping cannabis to Canadians for almost two years under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). In that time the Company has provided a consistent, clean supply of cannabis that patients can order online and have shipped right to their door. The MMPR mail-delivery system has proven very popular with more Canadians accessing cannabis through the current system in its first two years than the decade-long home-grow regime that preceded it.

"Canadians authorized to medicate with cannabis should have the ability to grow their own supply if they want to take that on," said Mark Zekulin, Tweed's President. "It's our job as a licensed producer to provide a consistent and convenient choice for the majority of people who will choose to purchase from a regulated source rather than setting up a grow-op in their house. Our focus will remain on products and services to set us apart."

In order to maintain its award-winning customer service levels in a growing market, Tweed is also pleased to announce it has completed the expansion of its Customer Care Centre at the company's Smiths Falls location.

"There are many companies to choose from so we've long known that the way to stay ahead of the curve is through product variety and meaningful customer experiences. This expansion to house our team of over 35 trained Customer Care Representatives will allow us to improve that experience for new and existing customers," continued Zekulin.

Here's to future growth, at home or at Tweed.

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