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Inside Tweed

Evolution at Tweed: Super Natural Selection

Tweed’s seed bank contains a wide variety of cannabis genetics. Some are household names that have garnered international recognition while others come to us from small-scale producers that are now only available to Tweed customers. We’ve even got a variety of landraces – strains that were never intended for commercial production but provide great value for our future breeding projects. The commonalities aren’t many, aside from the fact that each will be grown carefully and skillfully by our teams in Smiths Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

We like to offer a broad selection of strains and introduce our customers to new varieties they can’t find anywhere else. We’re always searching for the best and never satisfied with the status quo.

We do this by teaming up with experts like Don and Aaron from DNA Genetics who wade through hundreds of phenotypes across dozens of strain varieties and select only those that meet their standards. Starting soon, we’ll be breeding new strains, combining unique phenotypes to create proprietary stuff you literally can’t find anywhere else in the world. If you liked Herringbone and Balmoral, wait until you meet their heir, Bone Balm! (We’re still working on the name…)

In the years to come, we hope to offer you the most popular strains you’ve come to love, as well as new ones you don’t know yet. To make way for increased variety, we’re moving away from the Flagship Strain program so we can focus on evolving new strains for our customers to enjoy. Don’t worry, the strains covered by the guarantee will still be in the shop for some time but as we discover new phenotypes and breed new strains we’ll begin to replace them with the best genetics we can get our hands on. As our strains evolve, we are making a major effort to re-launch our In Production section to keep you updated on where strains are in the production cycle and when they'll arrive in the shop.  We still recognize that reliability of medicine is essential, and so as we evolve our strain selection, we will give plenty of notice when a strain is being discontinued, as well as easy advice on new strains that are likely to have similar characteristics.

Think of it as Darwin’s natural selection, with a twist.

Here’s to Future Growth.

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