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Tweed’s future offering is all grown out

You can always count on three things when the DNA Genetics team come to town: it’s going to be an exhaustive, educational and exhilarating time around the plant. Last week was no different. From the night our Dutch connection landed Monday in Ottawa until they took off from Toronto a week later, DNA had their collective eye on every aspect of our organization. And, like the last time they visited, the trip has quickly translated into positive improvements!

The bulk of their effort was concentrated in Room 5, where the future of Tweed’s offering has quietly been flowering with lots of TLC from our grow team. Among the strains lining the room’s tables, varieties like Chocolope, Lemon Skunk and Strawberry Banana are to credit for the inviting aroma of fresh fruit and diesel fuel filling the space.

Of the 315 phenotypes we grew, 31 phenos made the cut after being thoroughly judged by DNA; with the input from DNA, we decided that 284 different phenos simply weren’t up to par. As part of our phenotype refinement project, the strains we’ve selected will this fall be available in limited quantities in the Tweed Shop.

We can’t describe such a sensory process as phenotyping using only hard numbers. The mechanisms by which our phenotypes are selected are sensory, scientific and experiential. First off, we teamed up with DNA to help us select the top strains, plant the best seeds, and flower out only the strongest genetics in the lot.

To make those final calls, experts in the field don’t rely solely on cannabinoid content, and neither do we. At Tweed, we embrace the ocular and olfactory senses as part of a holistic approach to phenotyping that considers all of the plant’s characteristics: smell, taste, bud and plant structure, leaf to calyx ratio and cannabinoid content.

Outside of the phenotype selection exercise in Room 5, DNA were able to share with our team their unique perspective as world leaders in the cannabis industry. From the curing department in Smiths Falls to the flower bays at our greenhouse at Tweed Farms, DNA, winners of over 150 Cannabis Cups, lent solutions and suggestions sure to help with nearly every one of our practices.

While the DNA team has left the country, the impact of their visit will surely resonate until the next time they come, which shouldn’t be far off. Until then, we’re excited to be working on some amazing new strains made up of the strongest phenotypes we’ve selected to date. In other words, stay tuned! We have plenty of surprises planned for the year ahead.

Here’s to Future Growth!

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