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Contest Winners Enjoy The NHL With DNA

As snow fell on an unseasonably cold spring night in Ottawa, we wrapped-up our DNA Genetics contest Wednesday with a trip to Canadian Tire Centre, where our six winners were welcomed with box seats to watch the Ottawa Senators take on Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals.

A warm shelter from the capricious Canadian weather howling outside, the arena proved the perfect place to celebrate the Canadian passion for cannabis and hockey with our Dutch partners.

Don and Aaron, taking in their first NHL game, were joined at the event by contest winners A.J. and Christine, Nicholas and Julia and, last but not least, Wesley and Sam, who were celebrating their two-year anniversary and drove in from Toronto for the event.

Before the game, our contest winners had the chance to catch some action from ice level as they were invited into the penalty box to watch the Sens and Caps warm-up.

The six winners got to spend some face time with DNA and the old adage that nothing brings people together like food proved true once again. The conversation flowed through dinner and into the game, with an ample supply of food, drinks and laughs to float the good times throughout the night.

Tweed’s Master Grower Tony Lacombe and Production Liaison Adam Morris had a great time hosting our guests at the game, which sadly saw the Sens drop a close 4-2 decision to fall a little further out of playoff contention. With the win, the league-leading Capitals clinched an early top spot in the Eastern Conference.

Here’s to Future Growth!

All photos courtesy Adam @ DNA Genetics / Fly High Club.

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