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Best In Show

Reading the strains that make up the bounty lining the tables of Room 5, you could easily convince someone that Tweed’s next venture is in the candy business: Chocolate Fondue, Strawberry Banana, Sour Tangie, Chocolope and Martian Mean Green. It’s here, in a room that smells like a fresh smoothie with hints of cheese and diesel fuel at our Smiths Falls facility, that the future of Tweed’s offering is taking shape.

Since October, when these new genetics were first planted in the room, the team has been working to flower out each variety, now carefully placed and awaiting final judgment. The judges, DNA Genetics, are here this week to oversee the completion of this massive phenotyping project.

The selection process to date has been an exercise in organization, carefully logging the conditions and peculiarities of each plant as it progressed. What makes a plant unique can be a strength or a weakness and over the last six months our team has whittled 17 strains and 315 phenotypes down to one room of the most glorious phenotypes of the lot. Only varieties with pungent terpene profiles, consistent cannabinoid content and strong genetic make-up have made the cut.

“We’re looking for the best phenotypes in the world and if it doesn’t meet the standard that DNA is renowned for, we are not going to keep it,” says Tweed production liaison Adam Morris, who has overseen the project. “We’ve taken care of the early rounds, now Don and Aaron will make the final call and we can start growing phenos that have been hand-picked by a team that won every Cannabis Cup category there is.”

As an international leader in cannabis breeding, DNA has won over 150 Cups in the decade-plus they’ve been in operation. Together, Tweed and DNA will be completing the phenotype project, plus we’ll be looking to cross-breed and develop proprietary strains that will blend Tweed’s variety with DNA’s discerning eye.

The project is a true a mix of art and science. Our in-house lab can tell us what plants have the most cannabinoids and on which day peak THC is reached. Then, we hand the finalists over to some of the best in the business to make the final selection.

Clearly we’re excited. But what’s in it for you, the customer?

First, refining the phenotypes in our lineup leads to consistency from harvest to harvest, allowing you to find the strains that are right for you more easily. Plus, you’ll keep getting the best of the best!

Here’s to (borderline obsessively selective) Future Growth.

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