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Tweed Pantry Introduces Amanda's Cupcakes

As part of the recent launch of our 10:1 Cannabis Oils, we’ve been introducing new items to the Tweed Pantry that can help make your transition from bud to oil as simple as possible. This week we’re unveiling our latest tasty treat: Amanda’s Cupcakes.

Amanda’s mix is a delectable recipe with few variables. Simply add milk, one egg, boiling water and your favourite Tweed 10:1 Cannabis Oil to Amanda’s Cupcakes and, less than 20 minutes later, you’ll have 12 sumptuous cannabis-infused cupcakes to enjoy!

Rather than seek outside help for this recipe – as we often do for the best concoctions found in the Tweed Pantry – we asked our Head of Medical Education and Outreach, Amanda Daley, to serve up the tastiest recipe she had up her sleeve.

“I started bringing them in for various birthdays around the office or a pick-me-up at the end of the week and they were a hit,” she says. “I love baking and cupcakes are my favourite thing to make. I’ve been making these for close to a decade.”

After first coming across the recipe, Amanda adopted and modified it. She says the prospect of seeing it turn into a commercially available product was never on the priority list. In fact, when she started baking the cupcakes and bringing them into the office, the idea was never to turn them into a medicated edible.

“It was never on my radar that people would use these to medicate. In my mind, it’s really important to know that these are delicious, especially for those who are looking to medicate with edibles,” she says. “It’s probably a good idea to start with just a bite or a quarter of a cupcake – something very conservative dosing wise – because these will be very easy to eat a lot of!”

Again, remember to dose low and go slow with our 10:1 Cannabis Oils and any dishes or desserts made with them. Cannabis edibles can take one to two or more hours to kick-in and last upwards of six to ten hours, or longer. We recommend that you start with the lowest THC oil available to bake into Amanda’s Cupcakes or consume only a small portion of one cupcake if you are new to cannabis edibles.

Here’s to Future Growth!

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