September 23 Septembre, 2016

September 23, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Vancouver councilor Kerry Jang says Ottawa took no action to warn the city of contaminated dispensary products and the Niagara Chamber of Commerce is joining its Ontario counterpart in calling for a rejection of the proposed LCBO distribution model. A pot tax and homelessness will be top of the agenda at the upcoming B.C. municipal convention and Ontario’s chiefs of police will issue a government report on legalization after visiting Colorado. Ottawa parents are upset a pot shop is operating adjacent a martial arts gym and PAX releases the PAX Era and Pax 3. Also, three Phoenix police officers resign after making a motorist eat marijuana, the president of the Winsor-Essex Crime Stoppers is ousted for growing grass, and Civilized explores Joan Jett’s love for cannabis and the Baltimore Orioles. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth
Niagara Chamber of Commerce calling for rejection of LCBO-based distribution model
Canopy Growth Corporation having little trouble raising capital for cannabis venture

Ontario chiefs of police will issue government report on legalization after trip to CO
Pot tax, homelessness will be top of the agenda at upcoming B.C. municipal convention
Vinyl and Hemp Emporium in Regina is celebrating watching cannabis times a change
The city of Victoria is following in Vancouver’s footsteps and regulating cannabis sales
Calgary Police concerned legislation could be in place before they can adopt new tools

Vancouver councilor says Ottawa took no action to warn city about weed contaminants
Ottawa parents upset pot shop is operating next to martial arts and tutoring businesses
VICE investigates if Nashville’s new decriminalization bill leaves room for police bias
PAX releases new temperature-controlled portable vaporizers the PAX Era and PAX 3
GrowPros Cannabis hopes to bring its pharmaceutical products to market by early 2018

General Interest/Divers
Three Phoenix police officers are resigning after forcing a motorist to eat marijuana
Civilized explores rocker Joan Jett’s passion for marijuana and the Baltimore Orioles
Merry Jane gives a rundown of the full spectrum of celebrity cannabis businesses
Windsor-Essex Crime Stoppers president ousted after being charges with growing weed