September 13 Septembre, 2016

September 13, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Pundits continue to question whether cannabis could save a struggling Canada Post and Anne McLellan, head of the Liberal task force, says the road to legalization should be travelled slow. A Durham police officer’s pot shop foray will be dealt with behind closed doors and new data shows Colorado dispensaries posted record-breaking sales in July. Lift looks at six reasons to attend the Lift Expo and The Guardian believes medical marijuana needs to be legalized in the UK soon. Also, Louis C.K. looks at the hazards faced by middle-aged dads smoking weed, “Scratch” Perry is set to take over the Commodore Ballroom Thursday, and Donald Glover’s Atlanta proves a hypnotic and hazy ride. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Shares in Canopy Growth Corporation are up 31 percent on the year to date
Woodstock business owner incensed as banks back away from cannabis industry
Why is it that Canadian banks may be leery of taking money from marijuana?
Lift Cannabis: Tweed’s new artist-in-residence program is off to a bright start

Anne McLellan cautions Liberal task force to go slow and get legalization right
Head of Liberal task force task legalization will have an up-front cost associated
Globe and Mail: Canada Post needs a major overhaul to become financially viable
Canadian Union of Postal Workers calls task force delivery plan a half-baked idea
The Calgary Eyeopener is set to take a week-long look at the impacts of reform
George W. Bush’s cousin sinks $10,000 into a pro-marijuana legalization effort

Discussion of Durham officer’s pot shop foray will take place behind closed doors
Lift looks at top six reasons to attend upcoming Lift Cannabis Expo in Vancouver
Colorado’s pot shops post record-breaking sales figures topping $122M in July
The Guardian: United Kingdom must legalize access to medical marijuana soon

General Interest/Divers
Louis C.K. jokes about the hazards facing middle-aged dads who smoke weed
Much of Donald Glover’s Atlanta envelopes in a hypnotic weed-smoked haze
Lee “Scratch” Perry’s weed-infused riddims still loud n proud after all these years