September 12 Septembre, 2016

September 12, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Two of Canada’s largest banks are refusing to open accounts for cannabis companies and Tweed announces the completion of the country’s first world-class breeding facility. The Liberal legalization task force says Canada Post could charge for door-to-door weed delivery and Marc Emery admits his Toronto landlord has been trying to evict him since the day he opened his dispensary. The Durham police board is seeking answers to why a member of the force was allowed to operate an illegal pot shop and Victoria’s mayor says on-site consumption will not be permitted under the city’s new cannabis rules. Also, Raekwon dishes out the story of how weed and pizza made the Wu-Tang Clan, Treyous Jarrells says he was high during every one of his NCAA games, and the founder of 99th Floor shares his edibles secret to making it in the weed industry. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Tweed announces completion of Canada’s first world-class breeding facility
CGC subsidiary has plans to more than double company’s production capacity
Scotiabank and RBC unwilling to provide cannabis companies bank accounts
Winners of Tweed’s French Strain Name Game will be off to POP Montreal

Canada is looking to the U.S. to change its “ludicrous” marijuana policy
Ottawa Morning: Canadian Medical Association weighs in on cannabis reform
Task force says Canada Post could charge fees for door-to-door pot delivery
Activist Marc Emery says his Toronto landlord has been trying to evict him
Stanford University engineers release ‘potalyzer’ roadside saliva test for weed

Toronto Star: Canadian travelers shouldn’t be penalized in U.S. for cannabis use
Durham police board seeks answers after officer permitted to run illegal pot shot
Researchers find that more Americans see minimal risk in smoking marijuana
Victoria mayor says new rules won’t don’t allow for on-site pot consumption

General Interest/Divers
Edibles maker and founder of 99th Floor shares his industry secrets with VICE
Treyous Jarrells says he was high in nearly every game he played in the NCAA
The Kind digs into crates of government pot docs the government wants hidden
Raekwon says that W-Tang Clan’s albums were fueled by marijuana and pizza