October 4 Octobre, 2016

October 04, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Customers of Ottawa’s Magna Terra dispensary are fuming after their confidential information is leaked and American reformers launch pro-legalization TV ads ahead of November’s federal election. A Trailer Park Boys-backed whiskey is being investigated by Ontario for claiming to couple well with “six-paper joints” and a Victoria man is convicted for buying cannabis at an unlicensed pot shop. Prince Edward Island’s Confederation Festival looks to shine the spotlight on medical marijuana and evidence from a new in vitro animal study may show cannabis can help cure obesity. Also, Justin Bieber takes shots at big pharma for attacking medical marijuana, cannabis-infused beer may be heading soon to American liquor store shelves, and a ganja gorilla stuffed with $$500 of grass is highlighted at the “doobie-us” tribute in Oregon. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Bessie-Is Canada’s largest medical cannabis company really starting its own band?
Alistair-Is Canada’s largest medical cannabis company really starting its own band?

Magna Terra patients in Ottawa fuming after confidential email sent out to hundreds
From zoning bylaws and policing solutions, Ottawa is preparing for weed legalization
Ottawa Citizen: Colorado has been profoundly changed by marijuana related businesses
American pro-legalization supporters launch cannabis ads ahead of November election
(FR) Le sénateur Claude Carignan propose fournir plus d'outils aux forces de l'ordre

A Victoria man was convicted in court for purchasing cannabis at a city dispensary
Evidence from new animal in vitro study shows cannabidiol may help cure obesity
Is Justin Bieber speaking out against big pharma’s attacks of medical marijuana?
Prince Edward Island’s Confederation Festival looks to put spotlight on medical pot

General Interest/Divers
Ganja gorilla stuffed with $500 in grass highlighted at joint rollers “doobie-us” tribute
New cannabis-infused beer may soon be heading to American liquor store shelves
Damian Marley converting an old prison in California into a state-of-the-art pot farm
SNL host Margot Robbie stuns Saturday night audience in marijuana-patterned dress
Trailer Park Boys-backed Ol’ Dirty whiskey said to pair well with a “six-paper joint”