October 31 Octobre, 2016

October 31, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: The Vancouver Province investigates the city’s multi-million-dollar retail marijuana market and Ottawa bylaw officers serve two dispensaries zoning infraction notices. Compassion clubs could be exempt from Victoria’s pot shop laws and Calgary is looking to get further involved in the legalization process. Retired NBA veterans make the case for recreational grass and the Australian Office of Drug Control is now accepting applications for cannabis cultivation licenses. Also, Boston’s Archdiocese is investing nearly $1 million into the anti-legalization campaign, Phil Collins remembers getting busted for a spliff at the Niagara border, and country star Kacey Musgraves talks pot, the Grammy Awards and collaborating with Katy Perry and Willie Nelson. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Retired NBA veterans are making the case for legal marijuana the “new pick and roll”
Metroland Media hosts medical marijuana convention in Toronto area over weekend
CGC CEO Bruce Linton discusses prospect of recreational grass distribution in Ontario

Recreational marijuana advocates seek yes votes in several of the eastern U.S. states
The city of Calgary is very interested in staying in the mix of marijuana conversation
Anchorage new legal pot shops open to long lines, drawing crowds from across Alaska
The Vancouver Province investigates the city’s multi-million retail marijuana market
Pot industry moms form support group to be able to talk openly about marijuana reform
Reuters: American election could create a flood in marijuana cash with no place to go

Ottawa Police are looking to flip landlords to narcs for the capital’s pot shop plan B
Capital city bylaw officers are the latest authorities to take aim at Ottawa’s pot shops
Two Ottawa dispensaries receive zoning infractions after bylaw officers visit pot shops
CBC looks at drug store pot, wasted food and the marketplace consumer cheat sheet
City compassion clubs could be exempted from Victoria’s new pot shop regulations
Australian drug control office is accepting applications for cannabis cultivation licenses

General Interest/Divers
VICE: Marijuana growers are racing to register their strains on the Bitcoin blockchain
Kacey Musgraves talks Grammy Awards, cannabis and collaborating with Katy Perry
Artist Ron English talks to Merry Jane about his “POPaganja” show and prohibition
The Boston Archdiocese is investing nearly $1 million in the anti-legalization campaign
Phil Collins found himself in crosshairs of security after forgetting a spliff in his wallet