October 24 Octobre, 2016

October 24, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Canada’s first aboriginal justice minister is applauded for her early efforts on the cannabis file and Toronto dispensary owners say pot shop policing in the city is inconsistent. Former NDP MP Peter Stoffer believes the country’s veterans are receiving too much medical cannabis and a Calgary man is facing charges after police find pot-infused Lego candy. The Guardian explores big pharma’s fight to keep weed illegal and former governor Jesse Ventura says legal grass will be the great unifier in a polarized U.S. Also, Wiz Khalifa walks through LAX handing out weed to paparazzi, Action Bronson returns to rap in a smoky new video for “Durag vs Headband,” and Damian Marley sits down with VICE to discuss why he’s starting a pot plant in a former prison. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
L’obs: Canopy Growth Corporation est un futur titan du marché de la weed récréatif
Terpenes cover band to take to stage at Snoop’s Northside Birthday Party Thursday

McKnight: Driving under the influence of drugs has been illegal in Canada since 1925
Canada’s first aboriginal justice minister applauded for her efforts on legalization file
Question of what Saskatoon can do to prepare for legalization met with sensible answer
Sun Media explores what the fight to legalize marijuana once looked like in Canada
Editorial: Legalizing recreational grass will be easier said than done in this country
Former governor Jesse Ventura believes legal grass will be the great unifier in the U.S.
The Guardian investigates big pharma fighting the legalization of recreational marijuana

The Toronto Star investigates what actually happens to a person after consuming cannabis
Toronto dispensary owners and advocates claim pot shop policing in city is inconsistent
Official Mark Sraga says battling Toronto’s dispensary issue like playing whack-a-mole
Former NDP MP Peter Stoffer says Canadian veterans being allowed too much cannabis

General Interest/Divers
Wiz Khalifa walks through Los Angeles airport with a bag of weed; hands out to paparazzi
UFC veteran Cody McKenzie works in cannabis production and fights when he pleases
Faith leader group Clergy for a New Drug Policy call for an end to the War on Drugs
Action Bronson returns to rapping with a smoky new video for “Durag vs Headband”
The Kind explores six cannabis body products that won’t make you smell like a stoner
Calgary man facing charges after cannabis-infused Lego candy found in truck search