November 7 Novembre, 2016

November 07, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Ottawa Police conduct raids on six capital city dispensaries and British Columbia’s solicitor-general says there should be zero tolerance for stoned drivers on roads in the province. A nurse group in the Durham region is meeting to discuss the prospects of legalization and the Siksika Nation could be the first indigenous people in Alberta licensed to produce medical cannabis. The Japan Times investigates that country’s war on medical marijuana and two Mormon brothers are among the Utah residents lobbying for reform in the state. Also, Ozzy Osbourne tells Rolling Stone weed should be legal everywhere, a new survey finds NFL players say some of their teammates blaze before game time, and Bill Maher sits with Barack Obama to discuss the president’s take on media, trump and marijuana. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Tweed’s Smiths Falls facility receives approval to begin using its new breeding area
2016 Build a Mountain of Food Campaign pitting Tweed against the Gallipeau Centre!
Wate: Rap icon Snoop Dogg makes inaugural visit to Tweed Farm at Niagara-on-the-Lake
Lift Cannabis pens glowing review of Ocean View, Tweed’s first Leafs By Snoop strain

Solicitor-general says British Columbia should have zero tolerance for stoned drivers
The legalization of cannabis may present a unique challenge for Canadian universities
A nurse group in the Durham region is holding a forum on the legalization of marijuana
Guardian: Death, marijuana and condoms are part of the guide to U.S. ballot questions
House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday she plans to vote in favour of reform

Ottawa Police conduct raids at six capital dispensaries and arrest nine people in the process
Kelly Egan argues that shutting down Ottawa’s unlicensed pot shops was the right call
Ottawa’s politicians are applauding raids on the capital city’s marijuana dispensaries
Globe and Mail: Marijuana is on the way to the professional workplace – ‘and that’s ok’
Siksika Nation could be the first indigenous people in Alberta to produce medical cannabis
New book The CBD Report offers an unparalleled expert assessment of cannabis industry
Two Mormon brothers are among the Utah residents pushing medical marijuana in state
The Japan Times investigates the country’s reported war against medical marijuana

General Interest/Divers
Ozzy Osbourne sits with Rolling Stone to talk new solo record and legalizing marijuana
New survey finds that NFL players say some of their teammates use pot before playing
Ricky Williams looks back on suspension by NFL for testing for positive for weed
Bill Maher questions Barack Obama’s position on pot in candid interview with president
Colorado’s hemp farmers are reportedly turning to Bitcoin to remedy their banking woes
NYT at the table with Martha and Snoop Dogg: What would you serve with gin and juice?