March 14 Mars, 2017

March 14, 2017


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Waterloo police warn five dispensaries they could soon face raids and activist Jodie Emery calls her arrest in Toronto a “degrading” experience. Nanaimo RCMP seize cannabis and edibles during a raid on the city’s Nature’s Source dispensary and the Washington Post shows how government-grown grass looks nothing like the real thing. Canada’s largest licensed cannabis producer introduces its Homegrow Collection and one medical marijuana patient hopes for strong regulation when reform is welcomed. Also, country cannabis legend Willie Nelson is reportedly fighting for breath, University of Delaware hockey gets suspended indefinitely due to marijuana allegations, and Shopify comes under fire for the guns, escorts and weed being sold using the company’s technology. Have a great day!

Canada’s largest producer introduces seeds selection with Tweed Homegrow Collection

Cannabis patient believes in legalization but hopes for strong regulation on dispensing It’s hard to have any sympathy for the legalization false-starters

Nanaimo RCMP seize cannabis and edibles from Nature’s Source dispensary near school
Waterloo police issue warnings to five dispensaries in region that they could be raided
Washington Post: U.S. government-grown cannabis looks nothing like the real chronic
Activist Jodie Emery says her arrest by Toronto police was a “degrading” experience

General Interest/Divers
Shopify under fire for the guns, weed and escorts being sold using company’s technology
Willie Nelson reportedly fighting to breathe as country legend cancels two Vegas shows
The Kind explores some of the colleges and universities offering new cannabis courses
University of Delaware’s ice hockey suspended indefinitely due to marijuana allegations Check out a five-pound blunt that set the world record for largest ever!