July 28 Juillet, 2016

July 28, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Canopy Growth Corporation will be listed as WEED on the TSX and the Globe and Mail investigates whether dispensaries can be trusted to provide patients safe and sterile products. Tweed’s 24 Hour Strain Name Game is sending a lucky pair to meet Snoop Dogg this Friday in Toronto and GW Pharma epilepsy research receives $6 million in funding from the government in Australia. The Vancouver Board of Variance approves one new dispensary and the Washington Post refutes JAMA’s claim that cannabis is correlated to higher ER visits by children in Colorado. Also, an Oregon teen could face federal charges over a gram of grass, marijuana proves to be a big star of the DNC and the men rescued from a California wildfire were working on a field of dreams. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
VICE: CGC has a firm footing on the future of the legal weed market
High Times: Tweed weed is being readied for export to Germany
(FR)Canopy Growth Corp. will in December be listed as WEED on the TSX
Act fast! Tweed offers a chance to meet Snoop during High Road Tour

Can dispensaries be trusted to provide patients safe and sterile products?
Will physicians still be able to make money off cannabis after it’s legal?

GW Pharma epilepsy research in Australia receives $6 million in support
Vancouver Board of Variance meeting end in one new dispensary approval
Children are more likely to be poisoned by household items than cannabis
(FR) La Colombie veut se faire une place sur le marché du pot médicinal

General Interest/Divers
Oregon teen could face federal time for possessing one gram of marijuana
Oregon State Fair will put a cannabis crop on display during 2016 event
Check some pics of winning concentrates from the medical Cannabis Cup
Marijuana proving to be one of the big stars of the Democratic Convention
Explore an extensive history of why people think pot heads are lazy people
Men rescued from California wildfire were working on a field of dreams :)