February 24 Février, 2017

February 24, 2017


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: The White House says it’s likely the Trump administration will crack down on cannabis in states that have welcomed reform as Press Secretary Sean Spicer compares recreational marijuana to the opioid crisis. Canada’s Supreme Court is simplifying the process of trying drugged-driving cases and medical cannabis prescriptions in the country have jumped 32% since September. Police in the English town of Chilmark find $1.25 million in grass found in an abandoned military bunker and is President Trump looking to dissolve the Office of the National Drug Control Policy? Also, Allen Ginsberg is saluted as one of the founders of the legalization movement, Le’Veon Bell and Von Miller count among the top cannabis fans in the NFL, and Merry Jane meets up with some mixologists to talk their favourite infused cocktails. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth
That time not so long ago… Tweed became the world’s largest cannabis company
Canadian licensed producer is readying to begin making its own lab-testing results

The Supreme Court says testimony can now be admitted in drugged-driving trials
White House says Trump administration is likely to crack down on recreational grass
Press Secretary Sean Spicer compares recreational marijuana use to the opioid crisis
The cannabis industry in the U.S. is expected to create more jobs than manufacturing
The American cannabis industry is roiled by White House comment on enforcement
(French) Du cannabis medical pour contrôler l'épilepsie d'une enfant de 5 ans

Medical cannabis prescription rates soaring in Canada with 32% jump since September
Colorado tissue culture propagation firm Front Range Biosciences raises $1,500,000
Is President Trump looking to dissolve the Office of National Drug Control Policy?

General Interest/Divers
Police in Chilmark find $1.25 million in grass growing in abandoned nuclear bunker
Le’Veon Bell, Von Miller count among the Top 4 NFL players who smoke weed
Allen Ginsberg was an avid advocate who helped found the legalization movement
Civilized looks at the all-time best standup comics when it comes to weed jokes
Merry Jane meets with top mixologists to talk about their favourite infused cocktails