December 19 Decembre, 2016

December 19, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Jodie and Marc Emery are swept up in raids on Cannabis Culture in Montreal and Prime Minister Trudeau emphasizes that current pot laws still stand. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley will seek input from the province on the optimal minimum age for consumption and the Journal de Montreal questions whether Canada could become a hot spot for tourism after legalization is welcomed. Bruce Linton says the cannabis sold by CGC is available for $3 a gram cheaper than dispensary weed and Tory hopeful Michael Chong tells a Guelph high school audience his party has failed on the weed front. Also, inmates of the Abakaliki prison in Nigeria protest a ban on Indian hemp, Vogue looks at the best 13 gifts for your favourite toker this holiday season, and a photo set from 1932-38 shows there were only 28 cannabis convictions in Canada in that frame. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
CGC CEO Bruce Linton discusses the prospects of legal cannabis market on BNN
Canadian cannabis companies looking to get creative with how they build brands
Canopy Growth says it can sell marijuana at $3 less per gram than a dispensary

PM Trudeau emphasizes current laws still apply when asked about Marc Emery
Alberta premier Rachel Notley to seek input from province on minimum age for pot
George Le Masurier writes that the Liberal task force falls short in medical access
Legal cannabis, opioids and economics all touched the lives of Canadians last week
Vancouver Sun: Marijuana should be treated as a public health and safety issue
Tory hopeful Michael Chong tells Guelph high school students party fails on weed
(FR) Le Canada pourrait devenir une destinations prisée par les touristes en future

Marc and Jodie Emery arrested during raids on Cannabis Culture shop in Montreal
Canada’s so-called “Prince of Pot” remains defiant after Montreal dispensary arrest
Globe: A handful of independent investments banks bogarting lucrative mmj market
Vancouver’s west end may soon have first licensed dispensary across from Empire
New York Times: Medical marijuana pioneer Israel is eager to capitalize on reform
M.E.N.D.+ group take part in a medicinal cannabis workshop in Owen Sound

General Interest/Divers
Vogue looks at 13 great gift ideas for the favourite cannabis enthusiast in your life
Inmates of the Abakaliki prison in Nigeria Friday protested a ban on Indian hemp
Photos: Between 1932 and 1938 there were only 28 cannabis convictions in Canada Marijuana legalization movement in the U.S. starting to set scored of defendants free