December 16 Decembre, 2016

December 16, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Prime Minister Trudeau says he’s comfortable with the task force recommendation of 18 as the legal age for cannabis consumption and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is not ruling out the LCBO for distribution of legal marijuana when legislation is introduced in Ontario. Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre vows zero tolerance for the city’s unlicensed pot shops and Calgary’s police chief isn’t convinced the legal cannabis industry will curb organized crime. Three out of four people charged in the raid on the Saskatchewan Compassion Club are going to trial and VICE investigates how the black market for grass is making its last stand in Quebec. Also, the DEA moves to classify CBD as a Schedule 1 drug, Western graduate students are looking to their medical plans for med pot coverage, and Snoop Dogg and D.R.A.M. blaze up and talk Beyonce and TMZ. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth
Canadian Business looks at how cannabis companies are jockeying for position of market

PM Trudeau stands behind task force recommendation to set legal age for cannabis at 18
Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne is not ruling out the LCBO having role in marijuana
Kathleen Wynne and Quebec premier Philippe Couillard talk dispensaries and legislation
Chris Selley: ‘Task force report on marijuana legalization a rare sign of common sense’
Saskatoon addictions expert Dr. Peter Butt says task force recommendations are welcome
Postmedia: The federal government should take its time to get cannabis legalization right
Calgary’s police chief isn’t convinced that legal pot industry will curb organized crime
Poll shows that Nova Scotia doctors believe the legal age for marijuana should be 21

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre vows zero tolerance for unlicensed pot shops in the city
Three of four people charged in raid on Saskatchewan Compassion Club going to trial
VICE: The illicit black market of cannabis is making its last stand in La Belle Province
A number of Cannabis Culture shops open in Montreal; Marc Emery gives out “free nugs”
Western University graduate students look for medical cannabis coverage from health plan
Canadian software company Whaxy is getting ready to merge with MassRoots platform

General Interest/Divers
VICELAND’s Bong Appetit takes a look at the edible world of molecular marijuana
Drug Enforcement Agency moves to classify CBD and other extracts as Schedule 1
Snoop Dogg and rapper D.R.A.M. blaze one up and talk shrooms, Beyonce and TMZ