December 15 Decembre, 2016

December 15, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Ontario finds the legalization of cannabis won’t likely be a tax bonanza and the LCBO is left high and dry by the task force recommendations. Two of Canada’s largest pot shop chains are planning expansions after Tuesday’s task force announcement and the RCMP is testing a pilot project that collects saliva from Canadian drivers to gauge the impact of drug-impaired driving. Neil MacDonald explores the history of prohibition and the future of legalization and the University of Miami is studying whether cannabis can help treat concussions. Also, half of Canadian tokers surveyed say they spend an average of $100 a week on weed, Damian Marley unveils the roster for his “Welcome to Jamrock” cruise and a cyclist rides 1,400 miles down the Pacific Coast and touts the benefits of working out high.

Canopy Growth
Cannabis companies conflicted over task force’s plain packaging recommendation
Ottawa-area’s Canopy Growth Corp gains clarity from legalization task force report
Bruce Linton, Jodie Emery, Canadian Medical Association all happy with task force

TorStar: There’s unlikely to be a provincial jackpot from the legalization of cannabis
LCBO left high and dry in task force findings as task force says to avoid alcohol mix
Two of Canada’s largest pot shop chains plan expansion after task force announcement
Globe: Legal marijuana is coming to Canada by 2019 and what that means for you
Legalization task force finds that the preference is for a private-sector production model
Canada’s federal recommendations on reform draw positive reviews in British Columbia
Daily VICE: What the people pushing for legalization think of Canada’s vision for reform
Neil Macdonald looks at the history of prohibition and the future of legalization in Canada

Jodie Emery says investors lining up in hopes of being able to franchise Cannabis Culture
RCMP, police departments starting a pilot project for saliva-based roadside cannabis test
Half of Canadian weed smokers surveyed spend on average of $100 weekly on marijuana
University of Miami researchers are trying to find out if cannabis can treat concussions
An exploratory clinical trial suggests a therapeutic effect of THCV in Type 2 diabetes
Marc and Jodie Emery plan to open 10 new Cannabis Culture in Montreal this month

General Interest/Divers
Cyclist rides 1,400 miles down Pacific Coast on weed; touts benefits of working out high
The Herbal Chef reveals his guilty pleasures and comes out flat against “joint pairings”
HERB breaks down how to roll the perfect marijuana joint every time you roll up Damian Marley unveils lineup for Royal Caribbean’s “Welcome to Jamrock” cruise