August 8 Août, 2016

August 08, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Officials in Ottawa say licensing cannabis is the responsibility of Health Canada as the city’s public health unit ensures the brownies sold at local pot shops are stored properly. Lawyer Adam Goldenberg looks at what a recreational weed system will mean for medical marijuana producers as municipalities in Ontario and British Columbia ready for legalization. A Winnipeg advocate believes vape lounges and bouncy castles can co-exist and a former Hells Angel is suing Ottawa police over his medical marijuana arrest. Also, a cannabis farmer’s market helps eliminate the gap between patient and grower, Merry Jane looks at the sizzling relationship between bacon and bud, and can the Buddha’s enlightenment be traced to his diet, which included a daily hemp seed? Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Tweed is hosting a family friendly event on its front lawn this summer
Shindig set to take over Smiths Falls pot plant front lawn next weekend
Wellness Soldier Cody Lindsay cooks up lamb burgers for Tweed Pantry
CGC able to uplist to TSX exchange on the strength of legalization pledge

Ottawa officials say licensing marijuana is a Health Canada responsibility
Adam Goldenberg looks at what rec system will mean for current regime
Municipalities in Ontario and British Columbia readying for legalization
Ottawa public health is making sure pot brownies at pot shops stored safe

Former Hells Angel members suing Ottawa police over medical pot arrest
The city of Calgary withdraws charges after medical pot user ticketed
Pot charges account for 75 percent of all reported drug crime in Canada

General Interest/Divers
Cannabis farmer’s markets help to eliminate gap between patient, grower
The Buddha sided with a one-hemp-seed-a-day for his spiritual success
Merry Jane looks at the sizzling relationship between bud and bacon