August 12 Août, 2016

August 12, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: The federal government rules medical marijuana patients can grow at home and the Liberals promise to deal with the “threat” to road safety before legalization. Cannabis Culture in Toronto opens a day after being raided and Canadian veterans call for access to pot pills and capsules. The DEA says marijuana will remain as illegal as heroin in the U.S. as the Clinton campaign pledges to reschedule the herb if elected the next president. Also, PotBot brings strain selection to your fingertips, Ricky Williams tells Bill Simmons why the NFL refuses to allow medical cannabis use and is a new age in stoner comics smoking out the genre’s classics? Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth
Federal government changes medical marijuana regulations to allow homegrow
Business as usual at Tweed after government statement on medical cannabis
CGC calls new changes to MMPR a setback for the advancement of pot policy
Canopy Growth will provide homegrow services to patients across the country
Joel Plaskett to play free Tweed Front Yard Shindig Saturday in Smiths Falls
Balconies plan to showcase new album Rhonda at free festival this weekend
Mandy McKnight will continue to get son Liam’s medicine from LP Tweed

Police lay charges against five more people in raids on Toronto dispensaries
The Liberals are promising to deal with marijuana “threat” to road safety
Cannabis Culture’s Toronto location reopens one day after police raids
The American DEA says marijuana will remain illegal under federal laws
Clinton campaign says she would reschedule cannabis if elected president

Canada’s medical marijuana program needs robust clinical research for patients
Health Canada easing prohibitions against safety testing of medical marijuana
Canadian veterans are calling for access to medical marijuana pills and capsules
Investigate the seven scientific effects that experts want to study about cannabis

General Interest/Divers
Charles Manson once freaked out for being caught smoking weed on camera
Is a new age of stoner comics smoking out of the genre’s underground classics?
Ricky Williams tells Bill Simmons why the NFL is still stuck on cannabis ban
PotBot app makes sure choosing the right strain is always at your fingertips