June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: The NDP is introducing a motion in the House of Commons calling for immediate decriminalization and craft cannabis growers in British Columbia are concerned the new regime in Ottawa will push them out of the industry. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reported to have made the best case for reform yet as his government prepares to release details about the task force on legalization. Canada’s first publicly traded cannabis company is set to be upgraded on the TSX and explore why pharmacists think they’re best fitted to dispense medical marijuana. VICE weed columnist David Bienenstock investigates the weed renaissance in his new book and meet the 26 American senators dedicated to prohibition. Also, Australia’s highest hippies find refuge in the South Wales hinterlands and the University of Missouri denies a student request to put a pot leaf on a school shirt. Have a great day!

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Canada’s first publicly traded cannabis company is about to be upgraded
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NDP introduces motion in House calling for immediate decriminalization
Will new legal regime in Ottawa push craft growers out of British Columbia?
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau may have made best case for legalization yet
The government will soon release details about task force on legalization

Explore why pharmacists think they are most qualified to dispenses mmj

General Interest
VICE weed columnist explores the marijuana renaissance in new book
Meet the 26 American senators who are dedicated to marijuana prohibition
Former governor and WWE star Jesse Ventura is fighting for legalization
High hippies find refuge in the South Wales hinterlands of Nimbin
University of Missouri denies student request to put pot leaf on a school shirt