June 9, 2016

June 09, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discusses the potential future for Canada’s cannabis industry and Windsor police raid a pot shop in the city they say was brazenly selling grass. Marijuana.com interviews the Toronto Police Services about the dispensary raids last month and Vancouver is ramping up its efforts to shut down the city’s unlicensed pot shops. An Arizona ruling moves to bring cannabis access to patients with Parkinson’s and a former War on Drugs enforcer is calling for the end to prohibition. Also, B-Real and Wiz Khalifa get together and Smokebox, the Detroit Lions’s DeAndre Levy says the NFL should embrace medical marijuana and is calling someone a “stoner” now an offensive remark? Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Licensed producers emphasize fact they weren’t behind dispensary raids
Canopy Growth is looking to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange
Tweed interview Lift Cannabis CEO and founder Tyler Sookochoff

Prime Minister Trudeau discusses the potential for Canadian cannabis
Windsor police raid Windsor pot shop they say was brazenly selling weed
Windsor’s police chief is promising zero tolerance on city dispensaries
Marijuana.com interview Toronto Police Services about pot shop raids

Vancouver is ramping up efforts to shut down city’s unlicensed pot shops
Arizona ruling moves to help patients with Parkinson’s access cannabis
Science suggests brains of heavy pot smokers wired to love weed most!
CannaKids looks to connect sick children and their parents with cannabis

General Interest
Usual suspects B-Real and Wiz Khalifa get lit up on Youtube Smokebox
Former War on Drugs enforcer William Weld wants to end prohibition
Detroit Lions’ DeAndre Levy calls on NFL to embrace medical marijuana
Are the terms “weed” and “stoner” becoming derogatory cannabis slang?