June 2, 2016

June 02, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: Bruce Linton joins the AusCann board of directors and Anne McClellan is added to the Liberal task force on legalization. The Vancouver Board of Variance approves two new dispensaries and the first-ever cannabis research centre opens at Thomas Jefferson University. Advocates say insuring cannabis is a smart move and do the lines between medical and recreational marijuana need to be blurred for the stigma to drop? DeepCell raises nearly a half-million in capital to develop cannabis-infused sugar and Oakland is giving pot convicts a chance to open marijuana businesses. Also, meet 13 of the women leading the stoner rock revolution and explore the film that may or may not show Marilyn Munroe smoking weed. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
AusCann Group moves to strengthen its board by appointing Bruce Linton
Canopy Growth Corp listed among most compelling cannabis investments

Anne McClellan is tapped to join the Liberal task force on legalization
Do lines between recreational and medical need be blurred to end stigma?
John Tory is unapologetic for police raids on city’s unlicensed dispensaries
Investigating how cannabis legalization will change the pot industry

Vancouver Board of Variance hearing approves two new dispensaries
First cannabis research center is opening at Thomas Jefferson University
Advocates says insuring pot patients as non-smokers is a smart move

General Interest
Does this film from the 50s actually show Marilyn Munroe smoking weed?
DeepCell raises nearly half a million to develop cannabis-infused sugar
People facing draconian drug policies like the death penalty for marijuana
Oakland is giving weed convicts a chance to open marijuana businesses
Meet 13 of the women who are leading a stoner rock revolution in music