May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne voices her concerns over Toronto’s pot shops and Cannabis Health Clinic opens in Regina. Legalizing marijuana proves more popular than any presidential candidate and Canadian researchers study the effects of cannabis on PTSD. Dixie launches the industry’s first cannabinoid Kool-Aid and Colorado pot shops rack up revenue of $270 million early in 2016. Manitoba is lagging the rest of the country on the cannabis consumption front and California’s Weedmaps is expanding across the globe. Also, a Montreal company is looking to pay $70,000 to people willing to test weed, Ohio legislators move to allow medical cannabis and a county in Alaska moves to license a pot-infused jerky company. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Numbers and patterns are nothing new to Tweed CFO Tim Saunders
Bedrocan factors into the cannabis and veterinary medicine conversation

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne concerned about pot shop proliferation
Manitoba is lagging country with less than 20% of people smoking pot
Legalizing marijuana is more popular than any presidential candidate
Jeffrey Simpson expresses concern for the Liberal policy inaction

Cannabis Health Clinics opens in Regina to assist city mmj patients
Canadian researchers are studying the effects of marijuana on PTSD
Letter: OxyContin should be under attack by the public, not marijuana
Dixie launches industry’s first cannabinoid Kool-Aid, Aceso Daily Powder
Long-time medical cannabis patient afforded conditional discharge in court
Colorado pot shops have already sold $270 million of marijuana this year
Weedmaps took over California’s marijuana industry and is going global
Ohio legislators are moving to allow medical marijuana use in the state

General Interest
Montreal company is looking for patients to test marijuana for $70,000
Costa Rica will be hosting a major marijuana conference in late July
Pitkin County Oks license for innovative cannabis-infused jerky business
London rapper Black The Ripper loves smoking his weed in public