April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: The Globe and Mail declares the end of the War on Drugs ahead of special UN summit and Health Canada wants to explore cannabis as a substitute for opioid abuse. A Calgary bylaw amendment would treat medical marijuana clinics like liquor stores as opponents argue the city’s attitude toward cannabis is stuck in the 50s. In Vancouver, the city is calling for the closure of all dispensaries by end of month and a Windsor judge muses aloud about lenience for pot charges in light of looming legalization. Ottawa Public Health will hold back on a ban of e-cigarettes until the province rules on the matter and a Toronto city councillor says the city’s pot shops should be shut down. In lighter news, a Pakistani newspaper reports smoking scorpions is a new craze and moonrocks and gravity bongs are a match made in heaven. Also, watch some of Conan O’Brien’s best marijuana moments and tour the world’s newest country, Liberland, where you can legally smoke weed. Have a great day!

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Windsor judge muses aloud about lenience in light of legalization
Decriminalization the keyword ahead of UN special session on drugs

Calgary bylaw amendment would treat mmj clinics like liquor stores
City hall in Calgary has attitude toward cannabis stuck in the 50s
Scientists say cannabis rule changes can lead to research advances
4/20 celebration in Vancouver may lack the spark of yesteryears
Cannabis trade associations play a vital role in a budding industry
Marijuana seen by some researchers at substitute for opioid abuse
The city of Vancouver is forcing most of its dispensaries to close
Globe and Mail declares War on Drugs is dead ahead of UN summit
Ottawa Board of Health will hold of on e-cigarette and hookah ban
Explore the science behind the DEA’s age-old war on marijuana
Toronto city councilor says marijuana dispensaries should be closed
Dave Murphy says medical cannabis patients “aren’t just getting high”

General Interest
You can smoke weed legally in the world’s youngest country Liberland
Explore some of comedian Conan O’Brien’s best marijuana moments
Moonrocks and gravity bongs are a sure match made in heaven!
Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper reports smoking scorpions a new craze
Civilized presents strategies to help you from freaking out on edibles