March 28, 2016

April 04, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: Health Minister Jane Philpott says Ottawa will not appeal the federal court ruling in the Allard case and top medical experts are calling for the decriminalization of all drugs starting at UN summit next month. A North Vancouver dojo is disturbing the product sampling at a local pot shop as inconsistencies continue to characterize the city’s dispensary appeals process. Colorado veterans ate suing for access to medical cannabis to treat PTSD and a Kansas activist is taking the state to court over her son’s removal over use of the herb. In lighter news, Hustler’s Larry Flynt is investing $100,000 in Pineapple Express and rapper Twista was arrested on misdemeanour weed charges over the weekend. Also, the first 420 Games kicked off a half-hour late this weekend in Santa Monica and find how a small bag a grass brought the biggest metal band on the planet together! Have a great day.

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Health minister says Ottawa will not appeal federal court ruling in Allard case

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North Vancouver dojo is apparently disrupting the sampling at local pot shop
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Inconsistencies have characterized dispensary appeals process in Vancouver   
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Colorado veterans are suing for access to medical marijuana to treat PTSD
Kansas medical cannabis activist sues the state over son’s removal over herb

General Interest
Matt Riddle claims to be the only fighter ever released from UFC over weed
First 420 Games in Santa Monica got off to a half-hour late start on weekend
Rapper Twista was arrested over the weekend on misdemeanor weed charges
Hustler’s Larry Flynt is investing $100,000 in Pineapple Express company
California dispensary raising capital to fight brash San Diego police raid
How a small bag of grass led to the founding of the world’s biggest metal band