March 4, 2016

March 17, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today's news: A second round of storefront appeals in Vancouver ends in three rejections and a North Shore dispensary is causing concern for parents of area children. A medical cannabis patient is turned away with joints in hand at the CN Tower and a Torontoist list of where marijuana could be sold includes Loblaws and Uber. Reefer madness makes the rounds and recreational cannabis is reported to be doing for the U.S. what the war on drugs couldn't. In lighter news, pajamas will be optional at Portland's first multi-course chronic brunch and the government of Nova Scotia is paying The Trailer Park Boys to stay in the province. Also, Vans is readying to roll-out a line of munchie-themed shoes and former Detroit Red Wings bruiser Darren McCarty is battling alcohol dependence with medical marijuana. Have a great day!

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Torontoist list of where cannabis may be sold includes Uber and Loblaws

Second round of dispensary appeals in Vancouver ends in rejections
North Shore dispensary causing concern for parents of local children
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Medical patient is turned away with marijuana from CN Tower tour

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Pajamas are optional at Portland's first multi-course cannabis brunch
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