February 22, 2016

March 17, 2016

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In today's news: Canada needs to decide how high is too high to drive before proceeding with legalization and Health Canada grants license approval to THC Biomed and Green Relief. The Vancouver board of variance will hear appeals from 58 more dispensaries in the coming nine months and Aurora's extracts license is projected to boost revenue by 30%. Four people face charges after a break-in at a licensed producer in Erin, Ontario, and Bedrocan is trying to get taxes axed for Canadian medical cannabis. Also, take a tour of Aphria's greenhouse and find out why eyes redden after consuming cannabis. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Bedrocan is trying to see to it Canadians don't pay tax on cannabis

Canada needs to decide how high is to high to drive before legalization
Country's policy makers need a robust public policy approach to pot
Legal cannabis should help to quickly turn criminal profits to hot ash

THC Biomed and Green Relief receive Health Canada license approval
Kelowna firm gets approved to sell medical cannabis in country oasis
Vancouver board will hear from 58 dispensaries in next nine months
Former police chief becomes head of Colorado marijuana enforcement
Four charged in break-in at licensed cannabis producer in Erin, Ontario
Take an inside tour of Aphria Inc.'s Leamington greenhouse facility
Aurora extracts license should help company boost revenue by 30%
Complimentary Health and Education Peterborough changing locales

General Interest
Five eye-opening cannabis documentaries that can be streamed free
Answer: Ever wonder why you get red eye after smoking cannabis?