February 16, 2016

March 17, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today's news: Canada's drug dealers will soon have to compete with the federal government for turf and cannabis distribution through liquor stores may be counter to public health concerns. Questions over whether cannabis is still illegal continue to linger and Quebec's finance minister backtracks on pot sale comments. Also, rejected dispensaries in Vancouver are lining up for appeals and a Halifax councillor is investigating how much marijuana smell constitutes a nuisance. In lighter news, Alexander Wang's new collection pays homage to the cannabis leaf and a weed smoking space monkey mural is causing a stir in Portland. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Lift Cannabis reviews Tweed's Bakerstreet (Hindu Kush) strain
Momentum continues to mount in fight for medical marijuana

Cannabis distribution through liquor stores counter to public health
Canada's dealers may soon have to compete with federal government
Questions over whether pot is illegal continue to linger in the air

Quebec's finance minister backtracks on damning pot sale comments
Rejected dispensaries are lining up to appeals for city of Vancouver
Halifax councillor asks if marijuana smell constitutes a nuisance
Vancouver park board chair has blunt words over protest relocation
Nova Scotia doctors are worried about young people using cannabis
More palliative care patients should receive medical marijuana

General Interest
A weed smoking space monkey is causing quite the stir in Portland
Alexander Wang's new collection pays homage to the pot leaf