February 10, 2016

March 17, 2016

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In today’s news: Legalizing marijuana may end up on the Liberal backburner and Saskatoon’s police chief is asking the government for clarification on the country’s cannabis laws. Tweed’s president is bringing a background of law and policy communications to cannabis and marijuana-infused chewing gum may soon be available by prescription. Also, Australia is readying to legalize medical marijuana research, GW Pharma is preparing for Phase 3 clinical trials of Epidiolex and researchers at the University of California are trying to characterize the cannabis patient. In lighter news, Facebook restores the business pages of two medical marijuana companies and coach Snoop has a strict no-pot policy in his youth football league. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Man hits vaporizer and flips his Tweed card at transit terminal in Belleville
Tweed president brings law and communications background to cannabis
Marijuana-infused chewing gum could soon be available by prescription

Legalizing recreational marijuana could end up on Liberal backburner
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Saskatoon’s police chief says government needs to clarify marijuana laws

Researchers from University of California try to characterize cannabis patients
Australia is finally readying to legalize marijuana growth for medical research
GW Pharma is set to report Phase 3 Epidiolex clinical trials data this month
Medical cannabis can be used to treat more than 40 different conditions!
Big marijuana executives are looking to add young professionals to their fold

General Interest
Coach Snoop has a strict no-pot policy for anyone in his youth football league
Facebook comes to its senses, restores two medical marijuana business pages
One of Washington’s most popular dispensaries is run by a rabbi and his family