January 29, 2016

March 16, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: The recreational Canadian cannabis market could translate to upwards of $5 billion in government tax revenue and Ontario’s public health unit issues a resolution on legalization. Victoria is declared the “centre of power” for BC’s medical marijuana industry and the VPD is holding firm on its pot shop policy. In lighter news, take a tour of the country’s newest and largest vape lounge and check out some clever billboards spotted by stoners across the U.S. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Andrew Rock’s introduction to cannabis came without the stigma attached

Recreational market could boost government coffers by $5 billion annually
Ontario public health unit issues resolution on legalization of marijuana
Student advocates discuss potential impact of marijuana on Montreal’s youth

The Vancouver Police Department is holding firm on its marijuana policy
Victoria is the “centre of power” for BC’s booming medical marijuana industry
Take a tour of Canada’s new and largest medical cannabis vape lounge in Windsor

General Interest
The farms in Northern India lush valleys are lined with cannabis crops
Check some clever pro-marijuana billboards spotted by stoners across the U.S.