January 18, 2016

March 16, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse probes the effects of cannabis on the teenage brain and mail order marijuana could help to resuscitate a struggling Canadian institution. In Nunavut, not everyone is convinced legal marijuana will be a good idea and Montreal explores five perspectives on the future of recreational cannabis. In lighter news, find out what happens when Chelsea Handler and Willie Nelson meet over a toke and visit the first cannabis wedding expo for altogether awesome and awful wedding options. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Could mail order marijuana help to resuscitate a struggling Canadian institution?Tweed is confident about the future fate of medical marijuana in Jamaica
Bruce Linton announced as first speakers of TEDxKanata’s “Breaking Barriers”
Lift Cannabis reviews Bedrocan’s Jack Herer and Tweed’s Lot #3 strains

Not everyone in Nunavut is convinced legal marijuana is best route to travel
Is the LCBO really a buzz kill for the prospect of legal cannabis in Canada?
Explore five perspectives on the future of recreational marijuana in Montreal

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse probe effects of cannabis on teenage brain
Toronto’s Tokyo Smoke will bring its coffee, clothing and cannabis to the U.S.
Toronto medical marijuana patients say going to dispensary like a farmer’s market

General Interest
First cannabis wedding expo showcases weed wedding options for cannabis lovers
What happens when Chelsea Handler meets Willie Nelson over some grass?
Here’s what fifty pounds of weed looks like when stuffed into a foosball table
Jamaica is an ideal place for father-son bonding, even without ganja in the mix