December 14, 2015

March 16, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today's news: The Ottawa Sun and LaPresse check in with Tweed president Mark Zekulin and a new VICE photo essay explores Bedrocan's Toronto facility. A group of 50 rallies outside of Vernon compassion club to protest RCMP dispensary raids and is Canada ready to become the world's next marijuana capital? Also, a new trend shows the elderly are turning to dabs and Jamie Foxx explains why he thinks President Obama has been high on the job.

Canopy Growth Corporation
Disconnect between police and public opinion on pot still exists
Tweed is looking to grow to ten times its current production size
Exploring six cannabis distribution models Canada could adopt
VICE visits Bedrocan; explores Canadian cannabis in new photo essay
Working with cannabis is more a calling than vocation for Corey Evans
Lift Cannabis looks at Tweed's Leonidas in weekly strain reviews
Canada's next move may well be legalizing recreational marijuana
El Economista:

Canadians can't afford to wait for cannabis reform in this country
Is Toronto really ready to become the next world marijuana capital?
Balancing the many extremes of the contentious legalization debate

Group rallies outside Vernon compassion club to protest dispensary raids
Canadian medical marijuana research is still being hindered by blinders

General Interest
Jamie Foxx explains why he thinks Obama has been high on the job
Explore the ways cannabis can help enhance your culinary experience
New trend shows elderly people are more frequently turning to dabbing
An extensive historical investigation of marijuana's story in Canada
A new medical marijuana farm could soon be coming to Christmas Island