December 11, 2015

March 16, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today's news: Patients take to the streets of Vernon in peaceful protest over dispensary crackdowns as the country's most legitimate liberal news outlet proclaims 40 percent of Canadians want licensed producers to control the marijuana marketplace. Follow VICE on a tour of Hydropothecary and watch a preview for Rolling Papers, a documentary exploring how cannabis is helping to breathe new life into print journalism. Also, the NBA is being called on to review its marijuana policy and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban objects. Check out 20 great gifts for the holiday toker on your Christmas list and visit a faux marijuana dispensary that curates weed art in Miami Beach. Have a great weekend!

Forty percent of Canadians want cannabis sold by licensed producers
Quebec's SAQ union may still embrace the legalization of marijuana
How Justin Trudeau is helping shape the future of marijuana policy

VICE visits Quebec's only licensed producer of medical marijuana
Medical marijuana patients are taking to Vernon streets in protest
Canadians are still having trouble finding a medical marijuana doctor
Jay's Pre-Rolls could be the future of the pre-rolled recreational joint
World Patent Marketing Success Group launches new Light Dep-Pro

General Interest
Is marijuana really helping to resuscitate the print journalism industry?
Check out 20 awesome holiday gifts for the cannabis lover on your list
Survey shows cannabis is driving nearly half of the tourism in Colorado
The National Basketball Association may need to rethink its pot policy
Mark Cuban's objection to cannabis use in the NBA goes beyond the legal
You can't smoke the art at this faux marijuana dispensary in Miami Beach